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Keyboarding is an essential foundational skill in our digital world.

​The ability to be proficient at using a keyboard has never been more important for productivity and success. Written communication via e-mail, live chats, forums, and reports has become one of the most efficient methods of sharing ideas and knowledge and collaborating with others. By learning to touch type, you can spend more time on the writing process instead of the mechanics of typing.
Keyboarding also improves English skills and competency!
Learn proper posture and hand position, which
will reduce possible painful injuries
Retrain bad habits such as "hunt and peck" to
reach typing speeds of 40-50 wpm

Designed by Keyboarding Specialists

The methodology and "learning sequence option" provides learners with the most efficient way to learn to type. With our targeted no nonsense approach to typing, students will see a significant increase in speed, compared to other programs.​
Adaptive Technology, Immediate Feedback, Finger Analysis and Recordkeeping
Allow each student to progress through the program at their own pace in a positive learning environment. 
No nonsense Approach to Learning
Our sequenced learning methodology allows students to learn to touch type in the most efficient and effective way.  With limited classroom time, All The Right Type's goal is to increase their accuracy and speed as quickly as possible without distractions. ​
Hundreds of lessons, interesting content, e-stickers, lesson keyboarding games (which only present keys that students have learned) as well as theme games, animations, certificates, immediate feedback and more... ​

Teachers can create their own lessons with localized content and share them with other teachers in their school or with the All The Right Type community. Schools can also submit a graphic of their school logo or image for their homepage.  "Options" to customize the program to each user or class makes All The Right Type a great typing tool for all ages.
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Great for professionals
or students for one user
$5 USD/monthly
$40 USD/yearly
Learn to type or
increase your typing speed.
Lesson sequencing learning method designed by keyboarding specialists. 

All ages
1 subscription


1 admin account,
plus up to 4 users
$8 USD/monthly
$60 USD/yearly
Same program as the school version, but with simplified features to easily manage a smaller class size. Great for homeschools, groups or families.

​All ages
5 subscriptions


For Schools or Districts,
up to 5000+ users
Ready-to-use typing program with many easy features for managing classes of all sizes, or at the school or district level.

All ages
1 - 5000+ subscriptions
Why Learn to Touch Type?
Type More Accurately
This is because touch typing enables you to look at the screen while you type which in turn improves your accuracy and digital fluency.
Avoids Injuries
Using all your fingers is more natural and it reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. You will be more relaxed and have better posture.
Focus More on the Writing Process.
When you can touch type, you don't need to think about where the keys are on the keyboard, so you can concentrate more on the content.
Assists in Improving Your English Language Skills
Refine and expand your vocabulary, spelling, grammar and comprehension.
Test Your Typing Speed
Why Learn to Touch Type?
Picture All the Right Type is a beneficial program that has been used in intermediate classrooms at Aspengrove School for many years. The students love that they are able to practice both in the classroom and at home, they find the program easy to navigate, and they enjoy the games. As a teacher, I find the program easy to set-up, students are able to enhance their spelling and word decoding, and this program can make a skill that can feel repetitive more enjoyable and purposeful. Picture

- Mindy Livingston, Grade 4 teacher, Aspengrove School
Picture I don't think I have ever left any feedback but we have been using All The Right Type for (I believe) over ten years! What a blessing it has been to have something that does not have extra and unnecessary fluff and distractions. You are a program we can trust for our kids. I hope it stays that way as it seems to be getting harder and harder to find online resources that don't interject inappropriate content for kids. Picture

- Elizabeth A., Home School user
Picture We have been using All The Right Type for over ten years in our Information Processing classes and it's become a staple of the course. The structure that it provides makes it is easy for students to follow and develop their typing skills. The admin tools make it easy for teachers to set students up with the appropriate learning and then track their progress. Students of all levels and abilities continue to find success with this program. Picture

- Noah Boivin, Sir John A MacDonald School